les rĂªves de fantasmagorio

when in the dream world...

If we're in a dream world, what does that mean for dreams? Lately, I've had strange dreams that seem vivid and awaken me throughout the night. Are they echoes of a waking reality, visions of a deeper dream world, or mental regurgitation of images from this dream?

What frightens you in a dream enough to echo into your 'waking' life? For me, alabaster sand strikes against shadowed crags; my body balloons and becomes the world; the rocks jut out from me, stabbing me from beneath my sandy skin. In another, images flash in my mind to beware textures and patterns, and I see those textures repeated in people's clothing.

In waking it seems so divided and random, but, in the moment, it seems linear and sensical, vivid and clear. When I stop to reflect on the happenings in this world, they seem so divided and random, but, in the moment, they seem linear and sensical, vivid and clear. How do I awaken from a dream that envelops my existence? How do I break free of constrictive rules that don't apply in the dream?

Chaos begat Order, who expanded throughout the dream world. Order thought he had killed Chaos, but Chaos rules supreme, jutting out from beneath Order's thin, ballooned skin, stabbing him from inside.

dream on

So, looking into the new year finds me full of ideas, but sometimes it's so difficult to start. This text in particular is a warm-up of sorts, a little rev to get the engine to turn over. I find myself with ideas galore, but little motivation to make them happen. Hopefully, you're finding yourself in a different situation, one full of both ideas and motivation.

pardon the dust

What's dumber than a "Under Construction" sign on a web site? A "Pardon Our Dust" sign. So, forgive this. We're just working to align the dreamworld, and move over a few fantasies. In the meantime, link to the dreamlets above.